HMS-CSSA announces the successful closing of the first Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Research Symposium (6/1/2010)
On May 29, 2010, the first Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Research Symposium and First Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Distinguished Research Award Winner Speech were held at Jimmy Fund Auditorium, Dana-Farber Cancer institute.
Opening remarks by Qingsong Liu, Ph.D.

The symposium was composed of three sections. In the morning keynote speech section, Prof. Qiufu Ma( DFCI) and Prof. Jie Shen (BWH) overviewed the latest progress in the neuroscience. Prof. Cheng Li gave a perspective of the bioinformatics study on the human disease analysis exemplified by several case studies correlating the RNA and cancer subtype. Prof. Jiahuai Wang give a historical view of the crystallography study impact on understanding the basic biological mechanism.
Keynote speech host, Li Zhang, Ph.D.

The poster section was held in the same time with the lunch. there are more than 20 posters presented and the topics are broad enough that all the attendances have exciting things to talk. People eagerly seek the collaboration opportunities through the face to face brain storm.
Dr. Qiufu Ma, Associate Professor of Neurobiology, DFCI

The most exciting section was the speech of the winners of the Harvard chinese life science annul distinguished research award. based on the extensive evaluation by the HMS-CSSA consultant board members, which are majorly formed by Chinese faculties here in HMS, 6 of the dozens of the applicants were chosen as the award winner. They are Dr. Wenjun Zhou(DFCI, Nature), Dr. Jin (Billy) Li (HMS/genetics, Science), Dr. Ting Zhu (MGH, JACS), Dr. Yingli Sun (DFCI, Nature Cell Biology), Dr. Yudong Zhou (BIDMS, Nature medicine), Dr. Li Shaomin(BWH, Neuron). all of these fantastic works have been widely highlighted in other journals and have been considered as the critical discoveries either in the basic biological research, bioengineer, biotechnology, or the drug discovery. The winners shared their great stories with the audience and surely inspiration have been beard in many attendance’s mind. After the speech, One of consultant board member, Prof. Dongfeng Cheng, the previous president of the Boston Biomedical Association, representing the HMS-CSSA to issue the award certificate to the winners.
Dr. Cheng Li, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, DFCI

More than 130 people attended the symposium and we were deeply graceful to Chinese NYC consulate, GenScript, ABI biosystem, who supported the events.
Dr. Jiahuai Wang Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, DFCI

Dr. Jie Shen, Professor of Neurology, BWH
Award speech host: Dr. Baoli Hu (DFCI)

Award speech: Dr. Jin Li (HMS/genetics)

Award speech: Dr. YuDong Zhou (BIDMC)

Award speech: Dr. Shaomin Li (BWH)

Award speech: Dr. Ting Zhu (HMS/MGH)

Award speech: Dr. Wenjun Zhou (DFCI)

Prof. Cheng Dongfeng

Closing remarks, Xi Wang, MD., PhD.

Event organizers: all members of HMS-CSSA