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创业沙龙:畅谈医疗创新 -与红杉资本一起聊聊医疗创新 🗓



本次创业沙龙我们有幸请到了红杉资本董事总经理杨云霞, 巢生资本创始合伙人Cheryl Cui和Lumleian的医疗行业分析师孙庆蔚一起来畅谈医疗创新,机会难得,感兴趣的小伙伴们不要错过哦。


时间:201758 (星期一) 6:30-8:30 PM

地点:Smith Building 308, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

 450 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215

Food will be provided



Lynn Yang(杨云霞), Sequoia Capital President

Lynn Yang, focusing on healthcare investment.  Prior to joining Sequoia Capital in May, 2015, Lynn worked at Legend Capital healthcare team. Lynn accomplished investment deals in different area of healthcare industry. Before setting her foot in venture capital, Lynn worked as business development manager in Johnson & Johnson and product manager at GE Healthcare. Mrs. Yang holds a MBA from Duke University and Master of Clinical Science from Huazhong Technology University.


Cheryl Cui, Founding Partner of Nest.Bio Ventures

Cheryl Cui is the Founding Partner of Nest.Bio ventures, a Cambridge-based venture capital firm focusing on building and financing of early stage life sciences companies.  Cheryl Cui earned her joint PhD degree in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics from Harvard Medical School and MIT (Health Science and Technology). Her research interests primarily focuses on synthetic biology, and she has been the first author or significant contributor to numerous academic articles published in major publications such as Science, Nature Nanotechnology, PNAS, etc. Cheryl Cui was formerly a venture partner at a leading healthcare focus venture firm in Silicon Valley, VentureHealth. While at Venturehealth, She was responsible for investments such as Rani Therapeutics and Fe3 Medical. Her investments has since raised over $100mm in follow up financing. Cheryl was selected as Canada’s Next36 in 2012. She was also selected as one of the Bayer Lindau Fellows and was awarded the NSERC postgraduate fellowship. She built her first mobile health startup company while in college, which was successfully acquired in 2013.


Qingwei Sun(孙庆蔚),  Life Science Analyst in Lumleian LLC

Qingwei Sun is a life science analyst in Lumleian LLC, a boutique consulting firm focused on biotech and medtech industry.  Qingwei joined Lumleian in 2011 as a founding member, and oversees data analysis across many healthcare sectors including biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, health services, and medical aesthetics.  He supports both life science investor and corporate clients on commercial due diligence, primary market research, asset valuation, future revenue forecast, clinical development strategy, portfolio optimization and business development analysis.  He is fluent in Chinese and Japanese, and leads the work with Asian clients at Lumleian.  Qingwei earned a Bachelor and a Master of Engineering degree in materials science from Kyoto University, Japan, and a Master of Science degree in environmental health from Harvard School of Public Health.









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