2017 HMS-CSSA 学术交流回国访问团开始报名

We are glad to announce that HMS-CSSA will organize a China trip in this Novermber to top universities and institutes. This is an excellent opportunity for our members looking for faculty positions in China.

If you are interested, please pay attention to the following issues:

1, HMS-CSSA current members and alumni are eligible to apply. Due to limited space, the delegation will be composed of ~10 people. Every member in the delegation needs to have his/her own project or have outstanding publications.

2, We will notify you by email if you are accepted for the trip. The trip will last for about two weeks, including stops at Zhejiang, Beijing, Nanjing, etc. Selected members need to be committed to join the whole trip. And detail travel plan will be finalized before the trip.

3, Almost all the travel expenses will be covered.

4, Please send your CV to cssa@hms-cssa.org by September 30.



Website: http://www.hms-cssa.org

微信公众号: hmscssa



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