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Longwood Scientific Salon (LSS): Phosphorylation regulates Olig2 function in neural stem cells, by Dr. Yu Sun (9/26/2011)
2011 HMS-CSSA Mid-Autumn Festival Photos Updated (9/13/2011)
HMS-CSSA CAREER PATH seminar: A personal experience, biotech startup business in US and China, by Dr. Yuelei Shen (9/14/2011)
HMS-CSSA Mid-Autumn Festival (9/9/2011)
HMS-CSSA CAREER PATH seminar: Become a physician in America, by Dr. Dejun Shen (9/7/2011)
Longwood Scientific Salon (LSS): Understanding Cistrome through Bioinformatics, by Dr. Tao Liu (8/31/2011)
HMS-CSSA CAREER PATH seminar: Search for a faculty position, by Dr. Jihong Bai, (8/30/2011)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Ya-Jen Chang presents "Innate lymphoid cells mediate influenza-induced airway hyper-reactivity independently of adaptive immunity" in Nature Immunology (8/18/2011)
HMS-CSSA CAREER PATH seminar: The roles of scientists in the start-up, by Dr. Pengcheng Zhu (8/16/2011)
Longwood Scientific Salon (LSS) in Neuroscience: GPR56 and Collagen III, a Novel Receptor-Ligand Pair, Regulate Cortical Development, by Dr. Rong Luo (8/15/2011)
HMS-CSSA 2011 BBQ - 周末烧烤聚会 (7/27/2011) (图)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Yong Zhou presents "Latent TGF-β binding protein 3 identifies a second heart field in zebrafish" in Nature (7/23/2011)
Summer barbecue on the coming Saturday, July 23, 2011 (7/20/2011)
LSS Cancer / Stem Cell group presents "How to identify novel driving transcription factors and their binding loci in a biological process" (7/15/2011)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Xia Wang presents "Residual Embryonic Cells as Precursors of a Barrett's-like Metaplasia" in Cell (7/7/2011)
Service of 2010-2011 HMS-CSSA board ended on June 30, 2011 and elected 2011-2012 HMS-CSSA board takes office today (7/1/2011)
哈佛大学医学院中国专家学者联合会成立四周年纪念茶话会 (6/30/2011)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Yonghao Yu presents "Phosphoproteomic analysis identifies Grb10 as an mTORC1 substrate that negatively regulates insulin signaling" in Science (6/29/2011)
HMS-CSSA CAREER PATH group panelist discussion (6/20/2011) (Photo update)
Calling for the candidates of 2011-12 Harvard Medical School Chinese Scholars and Scientists Association (HMS-CSSA) executive board members (6/15/2011)  
LSS Neuroscience group presents "Synaptic plasticity and Alzheimer's disease" (6/12/2011)
HMS-CSSA CAREER PATH group presents "A new career model for Chinese returnees: Entrepreneurship opportunities with domestic non-state owned enterprises" (6/8/2011) (Photo update)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Suneng Fu presents "Aberrant lipid metabolism disrupts calcium homeostasis causing liver endoplasmic reticulum stress in obesity" in Nature (5/31/2011)
Media reports of Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Research Symposium 2011 (5/21/2011)
LSS Neuroscience group presents "How mitochondria move and why a neurobiologist cares" (5/17/2011)
Professor Jianzhu Chen from Massachusetts Institute of Technology joins the advisory board of HMS-CSSA (5/6/2011)
Professor Ru-Rong Ji from Brigham and Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical School joins the advisory board of HMS-CSSA (5/6/2011)
Professor Jing Ma from Brigham and Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical School joins the advisory board of HMS-CSSA (5/6/2011)
Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Research Symposium 2011 (5/5/2011) (Photo update)
Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Research Symposium 2011 on April 30, Saturday, 2011 (4/23/2011) (Agenda update)
HMS-CSSA is pleased to announce the winners for 2011 Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Research Award (4/23/2011)  
Faculty position opening at Hunan University (4/21/2011)
河南省科技厅参观考察团将在哈佛大学医学院举行交流座谈会 (4/18/2011) (Photo update)
Professor Yuanli Liu from Harvard School of Public Health joins the advisory board of HMS-CSSA (4/8/2011)
14th Harvard China Forum (4/2/2011)
LSS Cancer / Stem Cell group presents "Delicate structural changes control maturation of dengue virus" (3/25/2011)
HMS-CSSA CAREER PATH group presents "Biotech Entrepreneur Opportunity in China - Building a biotech start-up" (3/14/2011)
LSS Neuroscience group presents "Regulating neuronal connectivity by regulated protein synthesis: insights into the neurobiology of autism" (3/13/2011)
Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Distinguished Research Award calling for competition (2/21/2011)  
LSS Cancer / Stem Cell group presents "Preclinical mouse modeling and comparative oncogenomics of prostate cancer" (2/18/2011)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Zhihu Ding presents "SMAD4-dependent barrier constrains prostate cancer growth and metastatic progression" in Nature (2/15/2011)
HMS-CSSA CAREER PATH group presents "Job Hunting in Today's Economy - an Industry Perspective" (2/14/2011)
LSS Neuroscience group presents "Resolution of inflammatory pain by Resolvin E1" (2/13/2011)
HMS-CSSA will co-organize 1st Boston Asian Health Conference on Sunday, 13 Feb 2011 (2/5/2011) (Photo update)
Chinese New Year Dinner Party on Feb 4 (RSVP required) (1/31/2011) (Photo update)
关于申请《留学回国人员证明》的说明 (1/27/2011)
中国驻纽约总领馆总领事彭克玉大使发来新春祝福 (1/26/2011)
Recruitments at Dalian University of Technology (1/25/2011)
HMS-CSSA CAREER PATH group presents "From Biomedicine to United Nations & Global Technology Industrialization Program" (1/24/2011)
HMS-CSSA is launching a new career development program named as "CAREER PATH" (1/24/2011)
LSS Cancer / Stem Cell group presents "Introduction of Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)" (1/22/2011)
2011年天津市基础医学研究中心全球PI招聘书 (1/19/2011)
首都医科大学附属北京天坛医院中心实验室招聘公告 (1/17/2011)
RESEARCH STORY: Drs. Shan Zha and Chunguang Guo present "ATM damage response and XLF repair factor are functionally redundant in joining DNA breaks" in Nature (1/10/2011)
LSS Neuroscience group presents "Acid-sensing ion channel: A new target for chronic pain and stroke" (1/10/2011)
2011年大波士顿地区春节联欢晚会 (1/7/2011) (Photo update)
A great opportunity to help researchers and earn significant income (12/31/2010)
Holiday Greetings from HMS-CSSA (12/23/2010)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Fangwei Wang presents "Histone H3 Thr-3 Phosphorylation by Haspin Positions Aurora B at Centromeres in Mitosis" in Science (12/15/2010)
LSS cancer / stem cell sub-group discussion on Dec 14th (12/13/2010)  
LSS Neuroscience group presents "Toll-like receptor 7 mediates itch sensation" (12/10/2010)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Boyi Gan presents "Lkb1 regulates quiescence and metabolic homeostasis of haematopoietic stem cells" in Nature (12/8/2010)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Jun Qi presents "Selective inhibition of BET bromodomains" in Nature (12/5/2010)
RESEARCH STORY: Dr. Jihong Bai presents "Endophilin Functions as a Membrane-Bending Molecule and Is Delivered to Endocytic Zones by Exocytosis" in Cell (12/5/2010)
HMS-CSSA is launching "RESEARCH" program (12/5/2010)
"赛伯乐杯"第二届杭州市大学生创业大赛参赛公告 (12/4/2010)
Invitation to submit High-Tech proposals for the international cooperation (12/4/2010)  
2011年美国常春藤盟校春节联欢晚会将于2011年1月29日周六晚在哈佛大学举办 (12/3/2010)
LSS Cancer / Stem Cell group presents "PI3K-regulated tumor suppressor network: stem cell and cancer metabolism" (11/26/2010)
Senior scientist position in oncology at Roche (Shanghai) (11/12/2010) (Update)  
LSS Neuroscience group presents "Intrinsic mechanisms of axonal regeneration: PTEN / mTOR pathway" (11/10/2010)
Biotherapeutics ADME Scientist Position at Pfizer (11/4/2010)  
Consulate-General of PRC in NYC will come to Boston on Nov 6 for the passport renewal (11/1/2010)  
HMS-CSSA plans to organize a delegation to attend the 13th Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology at Guangzhou, China from December 20 to 22, 2010 (10/23/2010)  
LSS Cancer and Stem Cell group presents "Smoothened Cilial Translocation: Translating Mechanistic Understanding into a Novel Effective Strategy for Drug Discovery" (10/22/2010)
Hospital management MBA delegation from Sun Yat-sen University visited HMS-CSSA (10/22/2010) (Photo update)
LSS Neuroscience group presents "Roadmap for MD from China - Physician, Neuroscientist or Both" (10/12/2010)
广州呼研所医药科技有限公司招聘 (10/6/2010)  
HMS-CSSA will organize our members to attend the Ceremony of Raising National Flag for the celebration of the 61st Anniversary of PRC in front of Boston City Hall on Sep 25, 11AM-12PM, 2010 (9/23/2010) (Photo update)
LSS cancer / stem cell sub-group discussion on Sep 27 (9/23/2010)
HMS-CSSA will host a Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day Dinner Party on Sep 21 (RSVP required) (9/17/2010) (Photo update)
LSS Neuroscience group discussion on Sep 13 (9/8/2010)
Career Seminar: the Life Science Career Opportunities in China (8/28/2010) (Photo update)
Opening ceremony for Longwood Scientific Salon (LSS) on August 31, 2010 (8/26/2010) (Photo update)
2010 浙江•杭州国际人才交流与合作大会 (8/18/2010)  
走进金鸡百花 创业霞客故里   2010 海外博士"金鸡百花"江阴行 (8/18/2010)  
HMS-CSSA is launching Longwood Scientific Salon (LSS) (8/1/2010)
Recruiting Seminar: Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (8/1/2010)
(Photo update)
HMS-CSSA 2010 BBQ - 周末烧烤聚会 (7/24/2010) (图)
Invitation to HMS-CSSA summer BBQ on July 24, 2010 (Pre-registration required!) (7/18/2010)
东南大学生命科学研究院诚聘英才 (7/14/2010)  
2010--2011 Board of HMS-CSSA Begins Serving the Community Today (7/1/2010)
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